'King Tut: The Journey Through the Underworld' Provides a New Look at Old Egypt's Ruler

by Flaunt Intern

TUTANKHAMUN_VA_GB_3D_04686 2.jpg

Since the discovery of mummified King Tut, many explorers have labored to understand the ancient King who is posthumously shrouded in mystery—only left to be discovered through shimmering artifacts and the viewer’s imagination. However, after the development of new photographic technologies, Sandro Vannini produced fully vibrant and intensely vivid photographs of the artifacts that lain inside of the recently discovered Valley of the Kings.

With an array of iconic relics, artful murals, and golden tombs, Vannini was able to capture not only the objects themselves but also the stories behind them in King Tut: The Journey Through the Underworld (out now via Taschen). The invaluable works are painted in bright hues of turquoise, speckled with rich undertones of red clay, and doused in an unparalleled yellow gold. Without a doubt, the afterlife in ancient Egyptian culture is a treacherous journey to oasis—an oasis dripping in opulence and riches.

Now, with Vannini’s reproductions, readers are able to immerse themselves into the fantastical realm of utopian Egypt (without the threat of final judgment and damnation) and discover the hidden treasures of one’s journey through the underworld.

written by Libby Hsieh