Kim Petras | International Woo-Ah Day

by Cayla Rubin

Two years to the day, Pop Princess Kim Petras released her iconic, first song I Don’t Want It At All . To celebrate the release of the #1 Spotify Global Hit, Petras devoted legion of fans have created a literal day in her songs honor. Is there anything this queen can’t do?? Fan-led International Woo-Ah Day will take over the cyber sphere as fans Instagram, Tweet, share on their timeline, post on Linkedin (you get the point) all their best, Petras inspired Woo-Ah moments with the hashtag #InternationalWooAhDay.

While we all wait eagerly and anxiously for Turn Off The Light Vol. 2, a sequel to her vivacious (and spooky) Halloween album coming out this October, we can listen to her new album Clarity repeat as we “Wooooo-Ahhhhh” the night away.