Kati Heck | Tim Van Laere Gallery

by Anahita Safarzadeh

German-born, Belgian-bases artist, Kati Heck will be having a solo show at the Tim Van Laere Gallery entitled, All My Friends are Wild. The show will consist of paintings, sculptures, photography, as well as the artists textile works. In reference to the show Heck stated, “I always opt to use more paint, it helps me move away from realism and towards total freedom.”

Heck’s work speaks the language of the past, mixed with the existential present. Her pieces deconstruct while reviving, forming a new artist style which both challenges and captivates audiences who are reminded of German Expressionism.

Kati Heck All my Friends are Wild on view from 23 May - 6 July Tim Van Laere Gallery

Jos Smolderenstraat 50, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium