The Kaplan Twins X Diesel Present #sitonmyface in Celebration of Flaunt's Prelude Issue

by Flaunt Magazine

Last night Flaunt joined Diesel to bring in the Prelude Issue: 20th Anniversary Volume 1 with a bang. A motley crew of cool kids, aesthetes, and culture vultures of every feather flocked to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Johnny Grant Suite to celebrate with the Prelude Issue-featured Kaplan Twins in tow. Delicious shivers were sent down spines as viewers zoned out to ASMR video art film "Endearment" featuring the Twins, while outside guests clamored to snag a Diesel T-shirt featuring their own faces, recently snapped in the Bosco photobooth and printed on-site. But the patient were rewarded during the main performance of the evening, "#sitonmyface," which saw the Kaplan Twins dipping their cheeks in paint and planting their asses squarely on the smiling mugs plastered on each shirt. Smoke detectors went off, pinks and purples were splattered on expensive designer suits, and Don Julio cocktails and Heinekens were tossed back to tasty beats served al fresco by DJ tnt and DJ Johnny Basil as the night descended into glorious mayhem. And all I got was this super-fucking-cool custom T-shirt. 

Photography by Sean Behr .