Flaunt Premiere | Kanya "Die Free"

by Hannah Jackson

Photographed by: Chauntice Green

Photographed by: Chauntice Green

As R&B singer Kanya makes a triumphant return from her two-year hiatus, Flaunt is pleased to premiere her debut music video for “Die Free”. The video pays homage to Kanya’s Indonesian roots, and heavily features the culture’s traditional costume and dance. Though her love for her roots is apparent now, Kanya struggled with embracing this facet of her identity, and this song is her victory march.

“During my hiatus I thought a lot about [getting in touch with my roots through art] because for the longest time, especially when I was in college, I felt like I had to hide my roots. It felt so silly that I felt the need to suppress that part of my life in order to assimilate. I had lost sight of my foundation. I mean I’m sharing so much at this point, but I was pregnant during my hiatus, henceforth,” she said. “I had my daughter in March, 2017, and in the midst of motherhood, I really grew into my own. It didn’t give me this newfound purpose of being my best self—it’s always there, but it really forced me into executing my dreams. That of course had to start with remembering where I came from, who raised me, and how to respect that legacy.”

Kanya saw her love letter to her roots come to fruition following the birth of her daughter. She also notes that it is a song about conquering her demons and insecurities on the road to personal contentment.

“‘Die Free’ is a simple song with strong, visceral intentions, and you can find this within the lyrics. Christine [Noel] and I wanted to use words that leave marks, because that is the core of the message: to inspire and give you the freedom to celebrate life, ‘cause whatever shit you’ve gone through, you’ve overcome it, or in the process of. The song and video are made with love, appreciation, and care. I hope you feel something,” she said.