Jil Sander In an Adjacent Field

by Taylor Giangregorio

The new Jil Sander+ collection is to be showcased during Milan Design Week 2019, featuring clothing made perfect for adventure to a sea oasis, some hidden mountains, or by the quiet countryside. Whatever you may choose, the theme of nature is a connecting factor between the clothes and the exhibit’s design at Jil Sanders’ headquarters titled Adjacent Field.

Alongside Lucie and Luke Meier, artist Linda Tegg has brought to life a macrocosm dedicated to plant life, one of Earth’s most precious gifts. Mosses, succulents, blackberry, geranium, high mallow, ivy, scutch grass, and wild sage flurry throughout the luscious assemblage. The exhibit’s beauty extends further—enchanted by Nic Burnham’s lighting and given its modern touch by garden designer Metteo Foschi.

 The exhibit will grow into a new life after its time, as some of the plants will take on this new life, remaining part of the permanent assemblage, and others will return back to their beloved environments. The Jil Sander Milanese flagship more will further extend as grounds to showcase 5 large-scale field photographs by David Fox. The essence of all of the art as a collective ideal is to pair the essence of indoors with outdoors, natural and man-made.

Photos courtesy of Jil Sander