Flaunt Premiere | Jamie Wise "Stranger"

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Photo courtesy of Jamie Wise

Photo courtesy of Jamie Wise

Straight from the Whitley Bay in northeastern England arrives Jamie Wise, a one-time emerging model turned hotly sought after singer-songwriter who gives Flaunt an exclusive premiere with his debut single “Stranger.” 

After establishing himself as a successful model, appearing in campaigns for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, H&M, and DKNY, Wise now resides in Los Angeles where he focuses his energy on writing and creating music. “Stranger,” his debut single, describes a scenario we know all too well, two humans who used to be in love becoming complete strangers once parting ways. 

“I really just want to write songs about things which personally affect me and get them out to connect with other people who are experiencing things in the same way,” Wise says about his creative process. “Writing a song is the most cathartic experience I know.”

Produced by Mitchell Kulkin with cello accompaniment by Brodie Johnson, “Stranger,” exists in a smoky atmosphere reminiscent of an LA noir film. Its vibe is mysterious and detached, like how someone feels once they’ve left your life. The track was first heard in HBO’s documentary Wig which premiered on the network earlier this summer.