Flaunt Premiere | Inas X "Lick on Me"

by Taylor Giangregorio

Brooklyn-born singer Inas Maale dropped her surname, replacing it with an ‘X,’ asserting her independence and empowerment as an artist. Following the success of her Billboard chart-reaching single “Love Is” and participation in Fetty Wap’s ‘Welcome to the Zoo’ tour, Inas X has transformed her music to embrace her heritage and independence.

Inas X’s cross-over into the world of rap begins with her latest single “Lick on Me,” released on Jan. 18. The Brooklyn native has taken full possession of her Arabian heritage, flaunting it in her lyrics, “Yeah, I’m Arab, I pop off, came ready to fight.” The song, paired with the music video is an empowering anthem to women of all cultures- reiterating Inas X’s carefree mantra.

“My motto has become ‘Be Who You Are & Fuck What Others Think,’” said Inas. “My mission is to continue to spread as much encouragement to women as I can, not only through my music but in everything I do.”

The music video features the zealous artist dazzled out, going off while next to a chained and masked man, hinting at her authority throughout the bossy, empowering track. Her boldly unique style is featured in this unapologetic anthem and in the music video, which you can dance along to today, on Feb. 8.

Photos courtesy of Anthony Chavez


Inas X