Saving Face with Hoorsenbuhs

by Collin Schreiber

The California-based lifestyle and fine jewelry brand Hoorsenbuhs is dipping into the eyewear avenue. With their premiere of the eyewear collection the company is building upon the bold and classic designs that have built the foundation for Hoorsenbuhs. The designs are pure California, with the glasses being designed in the Hoorsenbuhs atelier in Santa Monica and handcrafted in downtown Los Angeles. The eyewear is constructed with 24k gold and sterling silver hardware, Japanese zyl, and a variety of colored lenses. The unisex glasses are formed into the iconic shape that has acquired their global cult following. The signature motif of the tri-links will be included in the design, representing “strength, quality, and continuous opulence”. The eyewear is retailing from $745 to $795, with the launch being at the Hirshleifers in NY and the brand new Santa Monica flagship store.

Creative Chief and Designer of Hoorsenbuhs, Robert Keith, is a collector and aficionada of novelty frames found in all corners of the world. The passion of being a collector has opened a new avenue for the company creating a stunning pairing. Keith states, “it takes an enormous amount of energy and patience to bring something so intricate to life. The hardest thing in the world is to have a vision for something, and if it’s never been done, going through that process will teach you some epic life lessons to the path of actualization.”

Photos courtesy of Hoorsenbuhs