Hannah Bronfman

by Morgan Vickery

At 31, Hannah Bronfman has already established herself as an author, DJ, wellness advocate and entrepreneur. HBFIT, her health and lifestyle site, works as an online hub for everything fitness and clean living, offering vital health knowledge and exploring the latest beauty trends.

As a DJ, the ability to read a crowd and choose a vibe to disperse among an audience is imperative. Bronfman has essentially brought this approach to her life, from making nutrition and wellness more easily accessible to drawing upon past health experiences with her new book, Do What Feels Good. Sitting down with Flaunt, Bronfman dives into the making of her DJ sets, the role wellness plays in her everyday life and future endeavors within the health and beauty realm.

As an author, DJ, and entrepreneur, you must be a multi-tasking pro. How do you juggle these professions?

Time management is definitely key, but everything that I do complements each other, so it’s easy to toggle between all of them. For instance, DJing, is now happening once a week for two hours in the evening, so that doesn’t take up a lot of my time. What takes up most of my time is running HBFIT and creating content for different partnerships that I have. I live and die by my iCal.

You’ve DJ’d for some of the most prestigious brand events; Bvgalri, Dior, Fendi, and Moet-Chandon, to name a few. How would you describe the mood of your music sets?

Mood totally depends on what the event is and how the client is feeling. A lot of these brands have very specific activations that they’re doing. For instance, Bvlgari, if it’s serpent-themed they might want a desert vibe and you’re playing instrumental music, or if it’s an after party for Balmain, it’s going to be a fun, dance party. Everything just depends on what the client wants and then I just go from there. Having a good knowledge of music history obviously really helps and staying up to date with new music.

When you curate your own sonic set for a party, what does it sound like?

Definitely a mix of 90s hip-hop and today’s hip-hop and R&B. If it’s my own party, it’s a full-on hip-hop dance party. If it’s a dinner party, I’m definitely playing R&B mixed with Brazilian and African beats.

SLASHED BY TIA   dress,   ONLY HEARTS   bra and underwear,   DIOR   shoes and     ATELIER SWAROVSKI  earrings and rings.

SLASHED BY TIA dress, ONLY HEARTS bra and underwear, DIOR shoes and ATELIER SWAROVSKI earrings and rings.

On set, who are go-to artists in rotation?

Justin Timberlake is always a classic that people love no matter where in the world you are. Flight Facilities seem to always be a great cocktail hour. And then even mixing in Kali Uchis and Doja Cat. When you’re background music, people aren't necessarily listening to the lyrics of things, they just want a good vibe. I find Doja Cat and Kali Uchis are both great artists to mix in there and VanJess, who I love.

HBFIT aka HEALTH BEAUTY FITNESS was a product of your love for health and wellness. In what ways do you hope to inspire other’s self-care routines?

HBFIT is really a community; it’s a media company that serves the community of like-minded women who are definitely on their health journey, wanting to discover and dive in to certain trends that are happening in the wellness world. We hope we motivate and inspire our readers. In our newsletter, we always have some sort of studio spotlight, which is a studio that we’ve partnered with that is giving special rates to our readers for classes. That ranges from actual fitness boutiques to acupuncture places or meditation spaces. We’re constantly trying to surprise and delight our community and make wellness very attainable for our communities, especially for those who don’t live in New York City and have access to the wonderful world of boutique health. We also partner with different subscription services so that you can bring the convenience of working out into your home. We do a lot of partnerships there so that we can make wellness as accessible as possible. We definitely hope we’re getting people up and moving and thinking about how they’re talking to themselves and portraying themselves to others.

Throughout your perpetual career, what’s the most powerful advice you’ve been given?

Some of the most powerful advice that I have been given is that our bodies really know more than we think and that things happen for a reason and we need to trust that. I think it’s important to have a deeper understanding with yourself to know when an issue arises, to understand where it’s coming from because I believe that getting to the root cause of an issue is how you start to create change. 

What’s your day-to-day self-care routine?

I start my day off with a celery juice. At some point in the day I’m making myself a tonic or a latte whether it’s something in the morning like a bulletproof MCT situation, matcha, or in the afternoon, it’s some sort of tea with adaptogenic herbs that I use as a pick-me-up. Making myself some sort of tonic or latte based on how i’m feeling at that time of the day is my little moment of checking in with myself. I try to get a workout in everyday but sometimes I don’t; it’s hard to say day-to-day but on a weekly basis, I try and cook for myself three times a week and try and make that a priority and say no to certain social events if I have a packed week.

KENZO dress and shoes and  ATELIER SWAROVSKI  earrings and rings.

KENZO dress and shoes and ATELIER SWAROVSKI earrings and rings.

Tell us about your newly released book, “Do What Feels Good.”

Do What Feels Good is a culmination of everything I’ve learned over my 10 years in the wellness world and on my own personal journey of self-discovery. I’ve met so many experts and holistic practitioners and I’ve amassed a really great fundamental understanding in things that I bring with me every single day in my life. I really wanted to give that out to people but also give people a little bit better of an understanding of what led me to wellness because it’s a little bit more personal and deep than what I share on Instagram. Just growing up in a really negative body image world of ballerinas and having a grandmother who suffered from anorexia her whole life; those were things that really affected me as a young girl and how I got over that and found my own confidence. I think it’s a story that so many people can relate to, whether it’s ballet or not, every girl goes through issues of body image and acceptance and identity. There’s a lot of personal things sprinkled throughout the book along with delicious recipes, a lot of DIY beauty, which is a lot of the ingredients can be found in your own pantry, a lot of bath concoctions—I'm a huge bath girl. A lot of the recipes are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free but I don’t like to say that I subscribe to any one way of eating, besides the fact of eating whole foods that I know are nourishing my body and taste good.

Thoughts on “cheat days?”

Whatever motivates you to stay on course for the week, even if it is having a cheat day. So much of food is mental, and I really hope that people find a better understanding of themselves through my book.

What’s one health/ beauty trend that you would recommend for everyone?

Play around and figure out what makes you feel good, and also push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time. Either wear that bright, bold lip or wear your hair big and curly; taking some of those risks that we’re not so comfortable doing is a really liberating exercise. 

Any plans for a second book?

At the moment, no. I thought about this book for the last five years and now I’m out of my twenties and moving into my early thirties and hopefully motherhood soon, I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on other subject matters or wellness as I evolve. But for now, we’re just doing what feels good. 

What’s next for your entrepreneurial endeavors?

A lot of things are next. I’ve spent the last two years developing two different products, so I’d really like for them to come to market. So, product, and some really fun collaborations with some brands, which I’m very excited about.