FLAUNT Premiere | Boris Brejcha's "Gravity"

by Cayla Rubin

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Photo courtesy

Grab your speakers, turn them alllll the way up and feel your heart pulsate to the dynamic beat of German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha’s new track, “Gravity”. Juxtaposed to its name, the song will elevate your soul as it emulates immaculate freedom. Through combining elements of minimal, IDM, electro and techno and by creating his own “hi-tech minimal” sub-genre, Boris is cultivating a sound as unique as himself. He is an artist in all forms. Through wearing his trademark jester mask during all of his performances, his persona mirrors the enigmatic and exciting feel of his music. 

“Gravity” is the first single off his upcoming album dropping later this year, following his North American debut. Already prominent in European club culture and on the festival circuit, Boris is a dance artist that will make you want to get up and bust a move. “Gravity” takes listeners on an immersive, euphoric journey that feels like an ocean wave crashing down: a mix of beauty and harshness, light and dark, something unlike anything else. 

You are bringing your tour to the US for the first time in August. What are your expectations playing for an American crowd?

First of all, I am very excited to play some gigs in the US, especially at places where I’ve never been before. I’ve had one gig in Texas and one in NY before, but that’s it so far. I am very happy that all of the upcoming shows sold out so fast and I get tons of messages from fans in the US who are waiting to see me. Usually, when I visit a new place for a concert, I try to go in with no expectations beforehand to not get disappointed. But, as everyone knows, the US has a huge party culture and they’re very into electronic music, so I’m sure it will be great!

You’re known for developing your own genre of music "High-Tech Minimal". How would you describe this sound?

Well, that’s a tough question. I created my own “high-tech minimal” genre because it is my personal style of music. I am tired of music being put into boxes. It’s neither techno nor house nor trance. I think you shouldn't try to put every track you hear into a certain box. To be simple, it’s “Boris Brejcha Music”. It’s my music. It’s not comparable. I want people to associate my songs with me, not a genre. That’s basically the idea behind it. If I would have to describe “high-tech minimal”, I would say it’s a mix of everything. It can be rough baselines with hard kicks, but I also have a lot of melodies and trance elements in it. It can be soft vocals and deep techno stuff mixed together. There is no specific style/genre/box where I fit in my opinion.

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What was the creative process behind “Gravity”?

One thing I remember well is that the day I produced “Gravity” it was very rainy and stormy, so I decided to go into my studio. I think I was influenced by the rainy weather and the dreary day, so I was in the mood for an emotional melody.

Tell us about your label Fcking Serious.

I founded the label back in 2015. The idea behind it was to grow my own baby, business-wise. But most of all, I wanted to have unlimited possibilities in terms of releases, music, etc. I decided to bring my two best friends (and talented music producers) Ann Clue and Deniz Bul into my label and that’s how we started the Fcking Serious family. Nowadays, our family has grown so much bigger. Theydream, two brothers from Switzerland, joined the label as well and many people are working with us side-by-side.

You recently played an incredible DJ set at Grand Palais for Cercle. How was that experience for you?

I did a set for Cercle back in 2016, which was outstanding. But this time Cercle went even one better. The location at Grand Palais in Paris was breathtaking and it sold out so quickly that it gave me goosebumps. I am very happy that I could play a second time for Cercle, but I was so nervous that I almost fell over backwards. It’s always special to play at such extraordinary locations. But most of all, I have to thank my fans who made this evening such a great experience. The vibe was great and everyone danced like there was no tomorrow.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I am a great fan of Hans Zimmer. Also Stephan Bodzin and Der Dritte Raum influenced my mind music-wise. To be honest, in private I don’t listen to music that much besides the radio in the car. So, I guess that my daily life and all the travels are the inspiration for my music productions. When you travel to so many countries, see so many faces, and discover so many new places, there are a lot of influences to process and that’s what I use my music for. I put all of the stuff I’ve seen and all of my emotions into my songs and that’s what makes it so special.

Can you tell us the story behind the mask?

Back in the day when I had my first DJ gig in Brazil, I came to a point where I said, I have to stand out in my performances, and I thought of the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. I remembered that everyone wears masks there, so I thought a mask would be a cool accessory during my show. It does not have a specific symbology behind it, but I appreciate that the mask has become my symbol of recognition. I find it unthinkable to play without it today.

What is next on your agenda?

Summer always means a tough schedule for all DJs, so there are a lot of upcoming events. This Friday, 12th of July, we’ll start at Panama Open Air in Bonn with the whole Fcking Serious crew. On Saturday, I’ll be at Sea You Festival in Freiburg. On Sunday, we’ll start our trip to Ibiza to enjoy some off days before the show at Ushuaïa on 19th July. I’ll spend some time there with my girlfriend and friends. Afterwards, there are a few gigs in France, Germany, Romania, Spain and Belgium. Of course this July, Tomorrowland and Love Family Park are on the schedule before we head to Ibiza in August again for shows at Hï. Right after I'll play Sonus Festival in Croatia and then we’re off to the US. As you can see, there is a lot to do within the next few weeks, but you can be prepared for some nice shows all around the world.