The Governors Ball 2019

by Amanda Koellner

The ninth installment of New York City’s Governors Ball took Randall's Island by storm this weekend. That is to say, quite literally, as Sunday's initially stacked lineup was cut tragically short with cancellations for Beast Coast, SZA, and hometowner headliners The Strokes due to intense weather. The festival initially pushed the gates back to 6:30 pm; a decision that confused New Yorkers and visitors alike as the sun shone through Sunday morning. But a detailed timeline of each decision made by festival organizers Founders backed up the call. Plus anyone who's been to Gov Ball in recent years knows that evacuating a massive, chaotic young crowd off of an island is no easy feat. 

Despite Sunday's fate, the rest of the weekend offered something for music lovers of all ages. Hip-hop reigned with a headlining slot for Tyler the Creator Friday and sets from the likes of Vince Staples, Playboi Carti, BROCKHAMPTON, and more. Florence and the Machine proved her status as a total legend with an 18-set that saw the witchy Brit leaping across the stage, urging fans to put their damn phones away ("we're trying to have a collective moment," she exclaimed with a smile.), and offering up big hits from her catalog ("Dog Days Are Over," which she gave us only six songs in, "Ship to Wreck", and "Shake it Off," which she played last.

It wasn't a perfect weekend from start to finish. But, there was enough magic to let those in attendance shake off whatever devils might've been on their backs at the weekend's start. And certainly enough to see what year 10 has in store.

Photographed by Amanda Koellner