by Hannah Jackson

Flaunt Magazine - Gajin Fujita - 4.jpg

Los Angeles-based artist Gajin Fujita’s convergence between street art and traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock printing will be featured in BEYOND THE STREETS, an exhibit dedicated to artists showcasing graffiti and street art. Curated by urban anthropologist and graffiti historian Roger Gastman, the show features works by renowned artists Shepard Fairey, Jenny Holzer, Guerrilla Girls, and many more.

Fujita’s blend of ukiyo-e woodblock print and graffiti playfully examines modern cultural hallmarks such as sports and music, while tying them into traditional Japanese image-making. One of his paintings, “Guardian Angel,” which features the mythical folk hero Kintarō wearing a Dodger’s jersey and blue bandana, was featured on the Art Card for the Los Angeles Public Library starting in April 2019.

Fujita achieves perfect harmony with his lighthearted pieces, an unexpected marriage between two distinct cultural aesthetics that provide vivacious viewing experiences.

Fujita’s work can be seen at the USC Pacific Asia Museum until July 14th. BEYOND THE STREETS opens Friday June 21st at 25 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.