Flower by Eddie Parker with Brett Heyman

by Paulette Ely

Looking to elevate your high to high-end? Feast your eyes on Flower- the upscale cannabis accessories that you didn’t know you needed. Designer Brett Heyman is aware of the ever-changing cannabis industry, yet stays grounded in her favorite parts of the marijuana experience. While celebrating the social aspect of smoking and staying true to the beauty that is the nature involved in the nug, Heyman launched Flower by Eddie Parker, and this is only the beginning. 

The stereotype of stoners is truly outdated, and the brand shows just how closely creativity lies with cannabis use. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon of emphasis on health and wellness like many other brands these days, Flower takes the stage to tell us all that it’s okay to pass the joint at the party and opens the floor with how to stand out and stunt on everyone while doing so. 

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Flower’s debut collection ranges from $20 to $500 with the highest quality and cutest acrylic, ceramic and hand-blown glass goodies including stash jars, lighters, ashtrays, grinders, bongs, blunt tips, pipes, rolling papers, rolling trays, and even fashion forward bags. And of course, that’s not all. Flower will be launching three strains of actual flower with the help of Flow Kana delivered to your door through Emjay

Sound too good to be true? Get the full lowdown from the exclusive interview with Brett Heyman herself below and be sure to get your hands on the green powered goodies. 

Image by: Rebecca Bartoshesky

Image by: Rebecca Bartoshesky

Flower’s products are never before seen. but something we honestly need. Where did the inspiration for the collection come from?

Much of the inspiration came from my own life, and thinking about what brings my friends together socially at someone’s home. Cannabis is often an aspect of entertaining in my circle. The collection is meant to be cheeky and playful; a nod to the 60s and 70s decor you would find in the home during that era. Our products are always a conversation starter, and the premium quality makes the collection equally functional as it is decorative. 

The collection is unapologetically feminine. Was this purposeful, as a luxury accessory designer infiltrating the seemingly male dominated cannabis industry?

Absolutely. As a woman, I know there are many women using cannabis. There’s something so powerful about our designs. Part of our reasoning behind creating a line of premium cannabis accessories is to enable women to embrace the fact that they smoke weed. It’s definitely not something women should shy away from, and we’re making it that much easier for them to make a fashionable statement. 

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Who are your ideal customers? Are they stoners or home decorators?

When approaching this collection, I almost wanted to throw the idea of “stoner” out the window, because what even is a stoner anymore? It is a dated term. Our ideal customer is someone who appreciates the finer things that are both beautiful and useful—and uses cannabis in a social setting.

Are you a cannabis user yourself? What is your history with the plant?

It’s definitely a part of my life, and I think a lot of creatives would say the same. I’m vocal—and proud—about the fact that I’m a parent and I use cannabis. It’s a really big aspect of social life for lots of people, and now that people are so open about cannabis, it’s having a big moment.

How important is it to bridge the gap between cannabis and upscale accessories?

It’s very important, which is another reason why I created the collection. Up until now, people haven’t really been treating cannabis as something that deserves high-end accessories. For me, it’s a way for us to normalize this and say, "hey, people who like fashion like cannabis, too.” We’re helping these people integrate it more seamlessly as part of their daily lives. 

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Why the emphasis on fruit and nature in your products?

It’s part alluding to the 1960s and 1970s inspiration, part irreverence, and part the fact that cannabis is natural. A lot of the most popular strains are named for fruit as well, including our offerings in collaboration with Flow Kana—it’s meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Can you explain a bit about your upcoming collaboration with Flow Kana?

Flow Kana is a small batch, sustainable cannabis brand based in Northern California. They take a lot of care to ensure the plant is grown properly. We’re partnering with them for three strains of premium cannabis. We wanted to ensure that our partner was on brand and matched the premium quality we offer design-wise and production-wise. The three strains we’re launching via Emjay are: 

Cherry Cheesecake - Indica

Cherry Cheesecake, grown by Briceland Forest Farm in Humboldt, is a Sativa-leaning hybrid of Cherry Kush and Cheese. After many years of growing their Cheese strain, the farmer was looking for the perfect partner to mellow its cheesy funk and add fruity undertones to its sharp, fuely aroma. When crossed with Cherry Kush they found its soulmate!  Cherry Cheesecake has been Briceland's go-to active smoke since its discovery. With a bright, sharp smell of bay, pine with powerful orange and peach undertones and just a hint of spicy funk, this smooth smoke comes on fast with an energetic and creatively inspiring effect, added an active body sensation that is cerebrally uplifting.

Pineapple Rising - Sativa

Pineapple Rising, unique to WaterDog Herb Farm in Mendocino County, is a Sativa-leaning hybrid cross of Pineapple Raspberry Kush and Tahoe OG. With an aroma of sweet, tropical crushed pineapples mixed with earthy pine, this flower is a light and fun all-day smoker. Offering a light body high with a strong head high giving an upbeat and peaceful temperament that no matter the weather, you'll always bring the sunshine.

Banana Jam - Hybrid

Banana Jam, grown by Woodman Peak in Mendocino County, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Banana Punch and Strawberry Jam. With a strawberry-banana aroma and tropical fruit taste, this light flower is said to offer a relaxing yet bubbly effect. Perfect for an intimate social gathering with friends, Banana Jam makes for a unique hostess gift for any dinner party!

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Why do you think the cannabis industry is the biggest blossoming industry in today’s world?

We’re all more open about cannabis, for one. But now, people are realizing it doesn’t need to be so regulated, and it’s a truly magical plant. It helps people focus, overcome pain and illnesses, and just plain unwind. It’s something people could always buy, but now that there are stores and brands centered around cannabis, it’s helping to drive the economy and bringing in new people who haven’t tried it before. 

What is your personal favorite piece in the collection?

I would have to say my favorite piece is the Stash Box. We’ve all had somewhere to keep our stash in the past, but never like this—a true conversation piece. The color palette is vintage-y and fun (and really great for parties). 

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber

Photo courtesy of Ashley Weber