Flaunt Premiere | Victoria + Jean "Window Pigeon"

by Morgan Vickery

Victoria+Jean, is the singer/songwriter duo hailing from Belgium. The makers of experience-based indie-pop have a passion for all things dark and brooding. Their latest single, “Window Pigeon,” exemplifies their distinct sound of emotional intensity. Teaming up with visual director, Wu Kun, brought a melancholic dream state to the heartfelt tune. Shot in Beijing, this mystical video captures the essence of past and present.

Tell us about the recording of “Window Pigeon.”

We recorded “Window Pigeon” in Sweden Gothenburg at Svenska Grammafon Studion with our very dear and brilliant friend, Henrik Alsér.

Window Pigeon was one of the first songs we ever wrote when we first met, about 10 years ago… but we never really managed to put it into an album. But this time we managed, and funnily enough, we listened to the old version and it wasn’t that different to the one we recorded for this album.

The story behind it is funny actually, we were in the living room composing in brussels and all the sudden a pigeon slammed himself to the window and fell in our courtyard, he was so shaken up we took him home and took care of him, put him in a blanket in shoe box. He eventually stayed there for a day or two (time for him to recover) and woke up in the bedroom and started to wonder around the flat, we’d play some soft melodies for him, and once he was feeling better he slowly showed himself outside.

We had nearly forgotten about this song until we had the same thing happen to us last year; we found a very ill seagull outside our door step, and tried to take care of him but unfortunately he didn’t make it through and died in our living room. That’s when we remembered that song and said, “let’s try doing it and recording it.” and there it was, Window Pigeon back to life.

What was the inspiration behind this dreamy visual?

It was shot in Beijing, by Wu Kun. The story tells the tale of the two girls' past and future, presenting a dreamy and sad emotion about losing regret and being helpless. The spoken words are a poem, maybe written by a wretched man who was exiled into space. The meaning of words is more of a fragmentary memory on the earth.

We met Wu Kun via Vimeo, as for our first album Divine Love we did one video per track (12 videos for 12 tracks) and with all different directors. Wu Kun was following us very closely, and is very talented himself, and so we started to get in touch via Vimeo's platform. We were flattered that he liked and followed all our videos, he said "yes I really love your atmosphere and all these different collaborations you managed to make and create… “ So we asked him if he would be interested in to making a video for the new album Underdog, and told him he could choose the song he preferred the most and do what ever he liked. And so it was Window Pigeon. He said that he was deeply touched by it, that there was something sad and melancholic about it that he couldn’t describe.

What should we expect from your upcoming second album, Underdog?

It’s a rock-cut album. One location, Sweden, all in one go, no fuss, just 3 people, Henrik, Jean and Me, and later joined with Joel (Sir Was). And there’s also many features with surprises, all with a rare intensity.

There’s a real continuity with the first album, Divine Love, and we haven’t changed. Our desire to create is always intimately linked with our stories, and in this, Divine Love and Underdog are a rare complementary and more uninhibited too. It’s sonic, deep, licked, bright, powerful, sweet, clever, crooked .. There are some solid hits in our opinion, and too bad for those who don’t understand this album.

It’ll release in October, or November perhaps, there’s no precise date yet, as we’re our own label. And for the rest, we shall soon announce our tour to come.