Flaunt Premiere | Mona On the Radio "Namaste"

by BJ Panda Bear


If you haven’t heard of Mona On The Radio yet, you soon will. Hailing from Montreal, Canada as a proclaimed pop-rap artist, Mona transcends musical boundary lines and proves that there is another level to the depth in which artists can go. Feeding into early 2000s nostalgia, his music takes you down memory lane where 98 degrees, NSYNC, and Brittney Spears remain alive.

Mona is more than just another new rapper — he’s an artist that pushes the envelope through dreamy early millennium visual experiences coupled with a relatable catchy sound that does not steer far from a top 40 Hip Hop hit. This possibly because he’s apart of every level of creating his music from writing his own lyrics, producing his beats, to choreography.

In his new single “Namaste” he candidly shares his amusing personality with fans in a video that travels through whimsical dream-like moments coupled with lyrics that chant inspirational declarations of self-care with lyrics proclaiming that we should “invest in a start-up, invest in yourself, take a few seconds and let out a yell, rawr.” I had the pleasure of getting more insight into Mona’s musical talent and journey:

I get a little early Eminem, Slim Shady-esque vibe from your visuals in "Hi, I'm Mona", is he one of your inspirations for your style?

10000%. his visuals were so creative. There’s a parody vibe that I dig. His video for “Without Me” is a heavy inspo. Also “Purple Hills” and “My Band.” He really created a world. This chaotic universe that made you laugh but also meant something. I’m trying to create my own universe haha, BYE FOREVER!

Your beats are just as catchy as your lyrics, what's it like behind the scenes when you are creating a song like "She deserves to sleep in on a Monday"?

I try and pick pieces of my life that people can relate to. I think those super relatable punchlines are what we all love to sing out loud at pre-drinks or in the car with our best friends. Ex: Drake's “she say do you love me, I tell her only partly…. I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorryyyyy” Great, now I’m literally only playing God’s Plan all day lol. Dropping Mona’s Plan early 2021 with FLAUNT cool???!

Your music videos show a fun side of your music but there's always a message, like in "Namaste" and "Something I Believe In", what do you want your fans to take away from listening to your music?

I’ve actually stared at this question for 2 days now. I made most of this stuff to cheer myself up after I told this girl I loved her but she didn’t say it back. It made me smile. I just hope other people smile. I hope people explore their craziest ideas… I’m still working on the message. I’m sorry. Also…. Mona’s Plan dropping soon. Literally, don’t sleep.

You are a white queer rapper, what are your thoughts on those "labels' and how would you encourage another queer artist who is interested in pursuing a rap career?

This idea of “labels” is one I left back in Mr. Soussan’s grade 6 gym class. Since then I made a conscious decision to explore my imagination to the fullest. People will call me what they want but I’m just little Mona Arthur Montgomery the 3rd! When you fully commit to just being you, it should feel right. “Labels” allow us to define something quickly. It’s comfortable. We don’t have to think anymore. “Labels” come with all thoughts pre-installed. We as individuals are so much more than that. Surround yourself with positive people and stay focused. Luv u.

Check out his video for “Namaste” here:

Written by Charmaine Griffin

Photographed by Jenna Welik