Flaunt Premiere | "LAXX" by Tim Ayre

by Morgan Vickery

Formerly a duet member, Australian singer/songwriter Tim Ayre has recently embarked on a new venture. Melbourne-based artist is now making music of his own — a deeply personal, dreamy and luxurious pop inspired by the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Flaming Lips, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk. Blending together guitars, drums, bass and synth, Ayre’s debut EP encapsulates the peaceful yet powerful instant of introspection and self-reflection.


Today, we premiere Ayre’s music video for the first track of his upcoming EP, due this fall on French tastemaker label Kitsuné Musique. Titled “LAXX”, the vintage VHS-style music video is filled with lush analog synths and carefree melodies to create a relaxed vibe.

“In Australia, we say LAXX as slang for ‘relaxed’,” Ayre said. “It’s also a reference to LAX airport in LA - I wanted to bring inspiration from those two references into the song.”

Written by: Valerie Stepanova