Flaunt Premiere | Kramies "Of All The Places Been & Everything The End"

by Morgan Vickery

Denver-based singer/songwriter, Kramies, is an eerie dream pop vocalist with a nostalgically powerful journey. With the debut of his EP, “Of All The Places Been & Everything The End,” Kramies emulates his time residing in an ancient Irish castle. With dreamlike instrumentation and hushed vocals, he alludes to phantasmal fairytale myths in a hallucinatory sound. The folk-influence leads you into his imaginative forest leaving you enchanted, and maybe a little entranced. Kramies reflects on his odyssey:

“As I stepped onto the castle grounds every morning, I felt myself moving slower. Slow enough to put words to the story that seem to place itself into my thoughts. 

Writing this EP wasn’t easy for me. I was living inside it too closely. It was difficult to form the words. As time passed by it started to take shape and I made as many mental photographs of the landscapes and my time on this journey as possible before I traveled back again. 

As I returned, I went directly into the studio to track as much as possible while it was still in my imagination and close to me. 

This time around I decided to include a few close friends to help make this fairytale a reality. 

Working creatively with others has never been something I’ve pushed towards since I’ve always felt I was a loner in this, but I realized that having the right producers was the key to helping me make the best vision of this experience come alive. 

Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Jerry Becker of Train and Todd Tobias Of Guided by Voices as well as guitarist and synth player David Goodheim all joined on to help me make one of my most fairytale albums yet. 

I’m mostly used to playing all the tracks but what all these guys added to the EP was beyond my imagination. 

Piecing this EP together helped me to let go on many levels. From letting go of the idea of doing everything myself to opening up to a story that became autobiographical, it was more of a learning journey than anything else. 

My stay in an old Irish castle while writing was key to this story. I have been to Ireland many times on tour, but this time I was able to be still and silent. I absorbed the beautiful landscapes, the history and the ghostly tales that seem to float naturally through the air. 

Of All the Places Been & Everything the End will always be my most favorite and memorable adventure.”

Of All The Places Been & Everything The End Cover Art.jpg

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Written by: Morgan Vickery