Flaunt Premiere | Jean Dawson "NAPSTER"

by Paulette Ely

Experimental pop artist Jean Dawson has finally put his unique vision out for us all to see today with his new single “Napster” and a video exemplifying his unmatched innovative mind. With innate artistic ability and a will to keep-on-keeping-on, the 23 year old has been making huge sacrifices for his career and his life for years. Born in Tijuana, Mexico, Dawson would spend over 5 hours per day crossing the border to get his education in San Diego. He is soon to release his EP-BAD SPORTS, which sings to his dedication for success and the themes of identity and escapism that he has faced head on throughout his most defining years. 

Jean Dawson_flaunt002.jpeg

Diverse themes, genres, sounds and colors create the beautiful chaos that is the raw and innovative vision of Napster and its accompanying video. The EP as a whole speaks to the treachery yet beauty that is forming an identity in America, and the experimental nature of the project shows that Dawson is bending each line of his life to be able to make this world his own. When asked about his inspiration behind Napster and the rest of his EP, he simply yet sophisticatedly states, "I make music for the kids dangling their legs out over the edge of the universe.”

Watch for yourself to get to know Jean Dawson through each frame of powerful imagery below. And be sure to stream Napster here to jump on the hype before everyone else is already there.