by Charmaine Griffin

A.CHAL is an emerging Peruvian-born singer-songwriter, and producer who has already worked with major names like French Montana, A$AP Rocky, and Nast. and 2 Chainz. His music is a silky blend of Hip-Hop, soul, and R&B. From his 2013 EP Ballroom Riots to his 2016 debut album, Welcome to GAZI, and ON GAZ in 2017, the artist born Alejandro Salazar is redefining the R&B landscape with Latin undertones. In an inexplicable way, his sound takes you on a momentary high — just like his latest video for the song “LA DUEÑA”, featured early this summer on the soundtrack for the movie Superfly. The video which is shot in Guadalajara, Mexico and features Latin Reggaeton artist Darell, takes place in a club where A.CHAL is the headlining singer. Each scene in the video is entrancing and seductive.

This video represents the beginning of more to come from the newly signed Epic Records artist.  

A.CHAL recently shared with me his thoughts about his culture, career, and his upcoming full EP which releases December 7th.

How has your Peruvian cultural background shaped your music?

There’s ancient magic and mystery in Peru that is helping me create my own lane.

You recently did a GAP campaign and you’ve shared a few photos on your Instagram page, what was that experience like for you?

Working on the GAP campaign was an amazing experience. I got to meet a bunch of open-minded creative individuals who are also standing for something bigger than themselves.

The video for “LA DUEÑA” is here and features Latin Reggaeton artist Darell, how would you describe the song and the video?

LA DUEÑA is a song that serves as an ode to all the strong, beautiful alpha women out there who know how to keep a man on his feet. It was the first song I ever recorded in Miami. It was the first beat Dale Play played, then me and Mario Caceres wrote the song that day. Couple months later me and my good friend Venus X linked up and she gave me the idea of doing a video with a Dusk Till Dawn vibe to it. It took some time to find the director but when I saw Arturo Adalap’s work via Christian Nodal I knew he was right for the vision. Casting the right girl was also important. Cynthia De La Vega who won a lot of beauty pageants in México had such a striking presence I knew she was LA DUEÑA.

What artists have influenced you musically?

I’m a real fan of honesty and transparency. Bob Marley, Jimmi Hendrix and Prince influence me the most. I also love Willie Colon/Hector Lavoe’s storytelling.

What can we expect to hear on an A.CHAL full EP?

On the EP that’s coming out I’m giving the fans what I’ve been holding back from them for a while now. It’s an appetizer to hold you off until the album drops. I got something for everybody in there. I’m excited for what’s to come.

Check out the video for  “LA DUEÑA” here.