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Sophia wears PRADA cardigan, skirt, and shoes.

Once ignited, it’s hard to tame a brushfire. watch its flames lick up the sides of hills or down the slope of a valley, leaving cinders where there had once been life, making room for the new life to come. Artists are like this (good and memorable artists, at least), in the way that they arrive to a scene and revolutionize the conventional, killing the old and outdated for the new and unseen. Sophia Lillis lit her match and is starting her own artistic wildfire – and she won’t be easily extinguished.

Sophia wears PRADA cardigan, skirt, and shoes.

After shedding sparks at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, and in countless theatre productions and film projects, she has officially caught fire with her new role as Beverly Marsh in It, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s infamous horror novel. The film, to be released this September, revolves around a band of childhood friends – endearingly called “The Losers’ Club” – who are antagonized by a demonic killer clown. Beverly Marsh is the only girl member of the club, and, according to Lillis, “She’s ready to fight – in fact you could almost say she’s looking for a fight. She never thinks about running away.”

PRADA cardigan.

In the same vein, Lillis herself rises to the occasion with the indomitable flare of a phoenix. “There are good days and bad days,” she says, “and it’s really hard when you have a bad day on set, especially because you feel like you’re letting everyone down. But then there are the good days and everything flips around. So you just have to keep going and moving forward.” Move forward she does, because that’s what actresses and fighters and phoenixes must do. Real artists don’t succumb to the burns and bumps and scrapes of Hollywood – they are birthed because of them, a nativity scene full of flame.

Brushfire or phoenix or whatever metaphor you’d prefer, the bottom line is that Lillis can take the heat.

Written by Chelsey Sanchez   
Photographed by Carlos Serrao   
Styled by Mui-Hai Chu featuring prada fall/winter 2017
Hair: Sascha Breuer
Makeup: Kristen Hilton

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The Aftershock Issue: New America

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