Closet Visits | Rodial and Nip + Fab Boss Maria Hatzistefanis

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

For our latest Closet Visits, we crashed Maria Hatzistefanis’ London flat. The ultimate girl boss—she’s CEO and Founder of skin care brands Rodial and Nip + Fab—let us into her home to check out her favorite fashion pieces. Some are coveted by street style followers, others luxe pieces from couture houses.


Read all about Maria’s journey of challenges, breakthroughs, victories and of the frustrations she endured as an entrepreneur while building a successful company from the ground up in her first book, How to Be an Overnight Success (out now). Below, check out our interview and shots from our visit. 


Who inspires your fashion style?

I love a lot of the street style photographers and many women with an individualistic taste on Instagram that find pieces from designers, and put the pieces together and make them very unique and individual. I’m very much inspired and influenced by them.


How would you describe the process of putting an outfit together?

First I need to think about the mood and where I’m going. Based on that I decide on the shoes; flats, sneakers or high heel; then I move up to pants or a skirt, top and I always end with a statement jacket to pull the look together. I start from the bottom up.

If I'm going to a red carpet event, then it would be more of a evening look. But I equally like to dress for something dressed down or dressed up.

Where do you shop?

A wide range between super expensive designers to a basics store to a high-end store. Matches Fashion is one of my favorite online websites, but I also shop a lot from ASOS and everything in between. I love finding cool pieces that are a bargain.

What are you excited about to wear next in regards to spring?

I got this super cool coat by Calvin Klein. I got it a month ago, but I haven’t worn it yet! It is a checker double breasted and it has a plastic mac on top; it’s very much "this season." I’m going wear it during the fashion month.


When you go on a trip, what do you pack?

I like to pack basic pieces--a pencil skirt, great fitting pants and some shirts. I always bring with me a statement jacket to make the look exciting and cool, and obviously few bags and shoes to mix things up.

Produced by Linda Nyvltova
Photos and Video by Inigo Berron