F IS FOR FENDI ... | Bakar and Jack Laver

by BJ Panda Bear

FENDI’s F is For... just released the first rooftop performance of the year to celebrate the rockin’ style of British musicians Bakar and Jack Laver who perform “Million Miles” in a lively show at the top of Palazzo della Civiltà. Decked out in Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection the duo encapsulates the brands ethos of casual elegance in their freestyle session. Bakar is the London bred musician who has captured the interest of Skepta to Elton John, while multi-instrumentalist Jack has a background in art as well as modeling. F IS FOR... is the platform from the Italian luxury house that has given a stage to millennials to create for millennials in a display of artistry aligned with the modern narrative of the brand. Below we get to know more about the band keeping London rocking.


When did you know that you were going to pursue music as a career?

I would say 2 years ago, only after I made big dreams about it!

Who is your inspiration musically?

I have so many.  I always struggle to answer this question because I always leave people out. But like anyone from Lily Allen, Foals, the Gorillas were a big influence on me, The Streets and Mike Skinner as well

What would you say your ‘big dream’ is?

My big dream is to have the number one album in the Country.

Being a born and bred London boy, do you ever see yourself moving out of the city?

Yes, I do but I think I’d always come back… there’s only a few places that I think I could move to like New York, Rome now that I’m here. I like the idea of going somewhere for a specific period, so I would like to go somewhere like Rome and spend 3 or 4 months there writing, then go back to London.

Would you say your style of music reflects your fashion style?

No, I actually feel like they contradict each other which is why sometimes I think people like get confused about. Some people think I’m like a rapper and stuff, so I think it actually contradicts itself, but I like that.

What is your number one go to when it comes to Italian food?

Chicken parmigiana, and meatballs. You know what I have always been in search of the perfect margarita pizza, so like everywhere I go I just try and find the best margarita pizza.

F is For… Freedom… so do you feel like music gives you the freedom you want?

Yes, definitely like I think that is the main reasons when you asked me at the start about when did I start take things seriously, was actually when I realized music was freeing me and then the aim was to make sure it was freeing other people, to let other young people know you can do whatever you like, so yes it defiantly makes me feel free.

F is For…?

F is for… FENDI!


What came first, guitar or modeling?

Guitar came a long time before, my dad taught me my first chord when I was six or seven.

Tell us how you met Bakar.

I met Bakar at a show in London a few years back before all the music stuff began for him.

How does it feel to be in Rome?

It feels amazing to be here in Rome, it’s my first time and the history here is immense.

What came to mind when you found out you were coming here to work on this f is for… project?


We saw you in London, now here in Rome. What came in-between?

I’ve been working on printmaking making etchings and screen-prints. And I just came off tour     

with Bakar and The Badkids.

What’s your next project?

Many more prints and paintings and working on Bakar’s new album with the rest of the band.

For you, F is for…


Photos courtesy of Fendi