Dreamer Boy | Falling For The Wrong One

by Paulette Ely

Dreamer Boy has put every other artist to sleep with his edgy and enchanting video for “Falling for the Wrong One.” Where dream-pop meets experimental meets cutting-edge cowboy, Dreamer Boy, also known as Zach Taylor, has a distinct style and sound destined to showcase to the world. The Nashville visionary filmed the video in one take just thirty minutes before a sound-check, showing us all how quick and cunning creatives today can be. The video is casual yet calculated in the environmental motifs, as dreamy chords and smooth vocals match a blissfully bubblegum sky and a desert landscape. Embodying a plethora of aesthetics, Dreamer Boy is truly everyone’s dream boy, and we can’t wait to see the fantasies of his future.

Be sure to check out the video below and keep up with Dreamer Boy here!