Dominik Eulberg | Mannigfaltig

by Jalyn Eaton

After an eight-year musical hiatus, producer, biologist, and ecologist, Dominik Eulberg announces the release of his fifth studio album entitled Mannigfaltig. The body of work, complete with twelve elaborate pieces of music, pays homage to the beauty and biodiversity of nature, while at the same time warning humans of their treat to it. 

Mannigfaltig (translation: Manifold) demands a close listening as it showcases elements of ambient, downtempo, electronica, pop and minimal genres all intertwined with the dynamic sounds of nature. Eulberg writes, “music only makes sense for me if it has something to say. And I have something to say now!” His message is to get people sensitized to nature. 

Dominik Eulberg celebrates the colorfulness of nature which he believes is “the greatest artist of all”. Be on the lookout for Mannigfaltig due on September 6th.