DJ's On Disposables | NIIKO x SWAE

by Paulette Ely

Fresh out of college for most means starting to figure our your own future. However, NIIKO x SWAE- the So-Cal based DJ duo- are actually more interested in figuring out the future for the entire bass music industry. The two were down to meet me in the immersive Coachella cactus installations to show off their new merch, talk some major music music business, and continue riding the wave of energy and adrenaline after their first ever Coachella performance. As college graduates and longtime buddies, Niiko and Swae exert a collaborative persona of genuine passion for the life they have found themselves living in. Apart of the social media generation, the boys connect with their fans day in and day out, and with the world at their fingertips there is no predicting what these coming years have in store for them. Check out the full interview below and hop of the hype of the 23 year old dance music duo.

Photo by:  Paulette Ely

Photo by: Paulette Ely

How does it feel to be playing at your first Coachella? Have you ever been here as a festival goer?

SWAE: This is our fourth or fifth in a row attending but our first performing, so it’s kind of a dream come true.

NIIKO: Insane.

SWAE: I can’t even process it yet. We just turned 23. It’s surreal. It hasn't even hit yet. I think it will when we get back and check instagram.

Are you guys from LA originally?

SWAE: We’re from Newport Beach.

NIIKO: We grew up five minutes from each other. We’re on the same baseball teams growing up.

SWAE: We actually went to different schools until college where we met up at SMU in Dallas. We were indirectly friends, all mutual friends, played sports. We were boys, but once we got to college we were brothers.

Did being from California influence your sound?

NIIKO: The beach vibe is definitely something that’s always present in our music. We live now by the beach so every song we make, we’re looking at the ocean. 

SWAE: So Cal is the concert hub. You can go to SD, LA , Santa Ana. We just had access to these different venues growing up.

NIIKO:And different types of music!
SWAE: It gave us our wide variety of taste in genres.

NIIKO: With beach you think of house music, which is obviously really prevalent, but we’re super close to Long Beach where there's the bass scene. We want to encompass it all and make it interesting.

Photo by:  Paulette Ely

Photo by: Paulette Ely

Is there anyone playing at Coachella this weekend who has influenced you?

SWAE: Jauz for underground music. We just threw down a pretty heavy dubstep set and we played some of his music.

NIIKO: Also NIGHTMRE. He's a finance graduate and we both went to school for business. 

SWAE: Weekend 2 were gong to see who want to see Weekend One is more chilling. Now we know our sets are all good I guess, so Week 2 is fun Week 1 is business.

You’re known for your live sets. What does it feel like when you’re performing as opposed to producing in the studio?

NIIKO: Obviously the making the music is fun, it’s our creative outlet. However, the live set adds a whole other level to our brand and overall persona.

SWAE: Also Coachella especially, every year we have come we have found new music and just have gotten so hyped to play here. We had 500 songs and we chose 90 to play. For years we’ve been saving our tracks to be able to play today-it’s pretty surreal. And shoutout GoldenVoice because they treat every artist like a headliner. Gold cart, green room, the whole nine yards.

What’s coming up for you guys?

SWAE: Come party with us and stay up to date with our socials. We post a lot of music and funny shit and we’re pretty good at keeping it updated. Remix package for Hold Tight coming. We got shit coming out. We have 30 original songs, we can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Photos and Interview by: Paulette Ely