by Tyler Mazaheri

A sensational amalgam of “buoyant, abstract cadences with tropical accents and laid-back vocals,” New York-based Persian experimental electronic artist DJ ST THOMAS (Pedi Hashemian) is finding his way into our summertime playlists with his debut single, “FODDER.” “A dynamic assortment of nostalgic funk, reggae, and pop..complemented by a backdrop of contemporary rhythms,” the song is one to keep on loop. This track serves as the first glimpse into his upcoming EP, MATRIMONY. Entirely self-written, produced, mixed, and mastered, the project explores the concept of “transitory love” and “impermanence as a whole.” When asked about the track, Hashemian explained that “FODDER” is about “the fleeting thoughts one can have while experiencing some of the obscurities of a new relationship. Is this worth the time/energy? How many repeat-conversations can be had before something shifts? Is being alone a better alternative?

Even as such a young artist, his sound is promising and bountifully fruitful—ripe and waiting to be picked. Taking inspiration from electronic artists Toro y Moi, Star Slinger, and Tame Impala, the artist’s sound fosters the same experiential bliss the trio is known for; even typing this right now, I can’t help but sway back and forth as the melodic ballad echoes through my earbuds. If this isn’t enough to sell you, his stage name has a pretty amazing story behind it. The name DJ ST THOMAS is steams from the idea that “everything that’s musical is simply a curation of sounds” and is also derived from “a conversation amongst friends that led to watching Thomas the Tank Engine mash-up videos.” Yes, you’re thinking of the right Thomas—Thomas the Train. Whether you’re a fan of good music or the childhood classic (not to say the two are mutually exclusive), I highly recommend paying “FODDER” a listen. (Debuting Tuesday, July 16th)