POSH SPICE SAID IT FIRST, “Sunglasses always hide a multitude of sins” | DITA Eyewear: hiding your sins since 1995

by Andie Eisen

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.” — Jack Nicholson

Sunglasses accessorize your identity. A Fear & Loathing costume without yellow aviators is just a Tommy Bahama outfit. Without the shades, Risky Business is just business casual. Who is Bootsy Collins without the stars? Lennon without the rounds? Lolita without the hearts? Sunglasses are a staple of cultural iconography. A persona you can adopt on a whim. 

In our sunny City of Angels, sunglasses are mandatory. Not just for their practical uses (i.e. protecting from UV rays and paparazzi), but they enable effortless self-branding. DITA Eyewear understands this deep, interpersonal relationship that Angelenos have with their shades. DITA was created in 1995 by John Juniper and Jeff Solorio, two like-minded individuals who manifest their shared love of art and storytelling through their handcrafted line of couture eyewear. Their collection draws inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the “mechanized beauty of the Industrial Revolution,” creating an aesthetic of timeless modern elegance. 

Flaunt introduces: “DITA. A Category of One,” a teaser video for their 2018 collection. DITA founder, John Juniper, elaborates, “The 'of ones' are a 21st century family, bonded not by blood but by their point of view. They are all standouts, and curious occupants of the same fictitious apartment building where they share moments, conversations, and glances in the building’s classic elevator... Together, they stand apart."


Written by Andie Eisen 


Designed & Produced by Dita Eyewear

Creative Direction: Dustin Edward Arnold
Director: Dustin Edward Arnold, John Juniper
Producer: John Juniper
DP: Keith Leman
Copywriter: Andrew Smart
Editor: Evelyn & Gabriel Diaz
Colorist: Asa Fox
Styling: Caitlin Boelke
Hair: Dennis Gots@ The Wall Group
Make-Up: Kali Kennedy @ Forward Artists

Helene @ Photogenics, Veronika @ Photogenics, 
Turner @ Photogenics, Malinda Farrington, J.L. Forbis, 
Janae Bullock, Ima Djie, Louie Caceres, Shaina Lavine, 
Kai Cofer, Doc Hayes, Jason Champ, Jon Komp Shin,