Walt Disney Concert Hall | Augmented Reality Tour

by Taylor Giangregorio

disney concert AR flaunt 2 .jpg

Enter the fantasy of the Walt Disney Concert Hall guided by Janet Cardiff’s soothing voice and inquiry in the augmented reality walking tour presented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The piece is a new commission in celebration of the LA Phil’s Centennial. Provoking stimulating thoughts, sights, and sounds, the multimedia artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller take the public on a surreal adventure entitled “Thought Experiments in F# Minor.”

Departing from the Grand Avenue Lobby, the 40 minute free tour embraces the curves and unique energy embodied throughout the concert hall. Cardiff calmly releases her thoughts in a sophisticated manner as stimulating experiences occur on the iPad in the exact location that the user is standing— unearthing the invisible world that once existed. Cardiff encourages the public to bathe in the architecture and in her philosophical words, as the tour progresses through the venue. The immersive experience is accompanied by heavenly music of LA Phil musicians.

Commenting on the woman with the cat head featured throughout the augmented experience, Cardiff notes, “I think so many of us feel like Schroeder— kinda disconnected like being on the edge of a cliff and wanting to let go… but the music helps it heals us in some mysterious way.”

The unearthly, dreamlike walk is open to the public on Friday, March 1 during the same time as the regular self-guided tours.

Photos courtesy of LA Phil