Dirty Looks | Hippie Dick!

by Hannah Jackson

In the early 1990s, Evergreen State University student Gene Barnes fell into the zine craze that would inevitably become inseparable from the image of the decade. Barnes and Portia Manson would soon release Hippie Dick!, a Xeroxed porn zine that revolutionized the worn-out “hippie” label by synthesizing it with the faerie scene.

Barnes’ contributions to Hippie Dick! also brought about short films and videos inspired by his HIV diagnosis, personal desires, and Kenneth Anger. After his death in 1995, Kathleen Hanna sang of Barnes, “another boy genius who’s fucking gone,” on “R.I.P. (rest in pissed-offness)” from Bikini Kill’s LP Reject All American.

Courtesy of Dirty Looks. Photo by Bradford Nordeen.

Courtesy of Dirty Looks. Photo by Bradford Nordeen.

Though Barnes may be gone, his legacy is alive and kicking. Dirty Looks, a platform for queer film, video, and performance, and the Tom of Finland Foundation will be celebrating Hippie Dick! with a night of multimedia presentations, film screenings, and a party featuring a DJ set by Mike ETC and selections from Hippie Dick! the movie.

The first 100 attendees will be gifted a Dirty Looks reproduction of Hippie Dick! Volume 1, and a limited edition recreation of the HARD COCK SEX MAGICK t-shirt recreated from the original design in Volume 4 by Larry-Bob Roberts and CP Price.

THIS IS HIPPIE DICK! will be taking place on June 27th at 7:00 at 1421 Laveta Terrace in Los Angeles. Tickets are $12 and includes a copy of Hippie Dick! Volume 1 with purchase.