Dior x KAWS | Maxfield Pop Up

by AnnMarie Barenchi

Maxfield in West Hollywood is now home to the Dior x KAWS pop up open until Dec. 26.

The pop up features an array of Dior KAWS t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks and denim pieces created using a Japanese Boro, a complex 17th century embroidery technique that not only adds resistance and strength to the denim, but also gives the casual pieces and splash of couture.

In addition, the iconic Saddle Bag will be featured, reinterpreted for the first time by Dior Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones, as well as a number of Dior Oblique accessories, from bags to sneakers.

Perhaps most exciting though is the limited edition Oblique BMX bike on display in Maxfield’s Prouve House and as a dedicated window display. The bike features premium materials transparent hand guards and pedals, mirror chrome and the Dior Oblique print on mesh. For the first time, the bike comes with a special Dior Oblique-patterned aluminum case.

The pop up is highlighted at Maxfield through dedicated visual installations in the Prouve House and the window display, which has a roughly 8-foot-tall structure of the KAWS bee. Inside the space, black scaffolding mirror the show space of the Summer 2019 runway.

Photos by Paul Vu and BFA courtesy of Dior