Dinah Rankin's Candle Collection

by Niza Metoyer


Dinah Rankin is a comedian and artist living in Los Angeles, a recently released project acts as a parody for popular social media products that can be found in many influencer posts and videos. The first video released developed from a conversation mocking the BAES Diptyque candle, Rankin’s friend joked about the candle mentioning it looked like is said babies on it.


“After that, I imagined what all the other jumbled up words on their other labels appeared to read. I came up with Tuberculosis, Guy Fieri, Nosferatu, Babies, and of course Bitch. The concept of this project is to parody a consumerist product that is synonymous with bourgeoisie internet culture. Watch any Glossier get ready with me video and you will see a baes Diptyque candle perched on the model’s dresser next to a bottle of ‘boy brow.’” Rankin said.

The video directed by Flaunt collaborator Dana Boulos, is a hilarious mix of overdramatic acting, fake product placement, and spot-on editing. Halfway through the video, you lose track of the fact that it is not a real advertisement, as it perfectly demonstrates the propaganda like videos we encounter on so many social media platforms. This videos aesthetic manages to fit in with the videos and images with #ad hidden somewhere amongst the hundreds of hashtags this aspect adds to the comedy and argument being presented.

Rankin stated “The candle is a archetypal symbol of marketing fashion and beauty culture, social media fame, wealth, a reverence to consumerism and now a really elaborate, scented, and layered joke. Anytime a blogger girl takes a pic of her feet in the bathtub, rest assure her candlelit bath is sponsored by Diptyque.”

Film by Dana Boulos

Director of Photography Brandon Kelly

Edited by Taylor Ghrist

B-Unit Director Cory Nixon

Makeup by Deb Chung

SFX Makeup Lucy Blue

Styling By Shaila Giacconi

1st Assistant Camera Steele O'Neal

Production Assistant Maggie Silverman