Flaunt Premiere | DEDE "Faultline" Remixed By Honey Dijon & Tim K

by Cayla Rubin


DEDE, who works as a songwriter, DJ, visual producer and most notably recognized as the angelic vocals behind the genre-defying trio Tiny Hearts is back to relaunch her solo career and take the alternative music scene by storm. The first single off of her new album “Bird of Paradise: The Panoply Remixes” is a maxi-single remix of her song “Faultline” which features guest vocals by Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear. The remix by DJ Honey Dijon and music producer Tim K transforms the sadness and intimacy of “Faultline” into an electrifying and vibrant dance anthem while still remaining true to the original dreamy intentions of the song.

Honey Dijon is a spirited DJ with a funky vibe and is DEDE’s friend of over 10 years. They danced soft Brooklyn summer nights away to Honey’s sets and the personal intimacy of their relationship can be felt in this remix alongside its vivacious beat. Honey Dijon is also a proud trans-woman and activist, making this the perfect song to blast for the end of pride month and for the rest of your life.

The single can be listened to on Spotify and all other streaming platforms today!