Dana Nechmad "In Tension" | The Bee in the Lion Gallery

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Dana Nechmad examines the dynamic tension inherent within female existence with In Tension, a solo exhibition at The Bee in the Lion in New York City.

The Chicago based artist, whose works have been shown in places such as Tel Aviv and Florence, uses a meticulous and laborious process of hand-dying and needlepoint-threading to create textile-based works characterized by their sanguine colors. The colors represent the blood which sustains the human body while the work as a whole muses on themes like fertility, the juxtaposition between pleasure and pain, and the process of letting go. Each piece sees the artist adding traces of dye to the fiber then removing it using corrosive chemicals such as bleach. It’s a strenuous, physical process undertaken by the artist.

In Tension will be at The Bee in the Lion from April 29th to June 28th.

310 East 23rd Street, 2H, NY 10010