Cynthia Daignault & Michael Berryhill | Night Gallery

by Armine Gulyan

Night Gallery will host two monumental exhibitions in the upcoming months, one being Cynthia Daignault’s Elegy, and the other, Michael Berryhill’s Romancing the Stoned.

Artist Michael Berryhill will be showing his second solo exhibition Romancing the Stoned at Night Gallery. Berryhill’s oil paintings burst with vibrant colors as he represents everyday objects in a style akin to an updated Fauvist project. The various colors help emphasize his exploration of textures as he alternates between grainy surfaces and uneven forms. The color palate harkens to the excitements of youth, when the world was your oyster, and painting gave you an outlet full of endless possibilities for expression. Berryhill presents a cheerful and romantic series of paintings for your eyes to feast upon.

Artist Cynthia Daignault is inaugurating her first solo show in Los Angeles by bringing her exhibition Elegy to Night Gallery. The exhibition will present a series of black-and-white paintings that portray environmental collapse. Her subjects include nature, homes, and people, in her bid for displaying the different sides of a global crisis. The notion of the elegy—a poem of reflection, which was typically used as a piece of mourning the dead—works in many levels within her work. On a more surface level, the art laments the death of nature by physically portraying this death in Daignault’s astute portrayals of environmental destruction. Yet, within her technique is hidden another level of the notion of elegy. The rendering of these paintings in black and white compares the loss of color as akin to the loss of life; furthermore, she heightens the notion of nature withering away by having the parts with more white in them look almost like they are physically disappearing from the piece. Altogether, Daignault presents a poignant story of loss, a story that we are unfortunately living in.

Daignault’s Elegy will have an opening reception on September 7th from 7-10pm. You can see both shows at the Night Gallery from September 7 through October 19.