Converse x Vince Staples

by Kyle Huewe

The Converse x Vince Staples collection just dropped, available online at and from retailers globally. The collection shows Vince’s love for contemporary California aesthetic, representing a style uniquely his own.

In large part, the Converse x Vince Staples collection explores natural elements. It offers streetwear that is chic, accessible, and simultaneously practical, featuring high gloss, reflective accents, a trend featuring increasingly across footwear and apparel within contemporary fashion.

The signature footwear of the collection puts this high gloss look atop a silhouette of the classic Converse Thunderbolt.

But the Converse x Vince Staples collection contains signature design elements from the rapper as well. It features the “SEA” embroidery on the hoodie, orange and black colorways, and subtle graphics reminiscent of Vince’s first collection with Converse.

Photos courtesy of Converse