Flaunt Premiere | Collapsing Scenery "Queen of Proofs"

by BJ Panda Bear

Wouldn't you want to have Don De Vore and Reggie Debris as your personal prisoners too? The noisy and fun video for Collapsing Scenery’s “Queen of Proof“ depicts the band as captive inmates on a journey of various torture at the hands of unitard clad mercenaries. The video bounces between lofi and HD with BDSM concepts that play with themes of sploshing and all hued in a light color palette, think little water boarding, but make it pink water. The abrasive yet twee video directed by Abby Portner also features UK grime artist Jammz is a track taken from the bands debut Stress Position which was released early in the summer

About the video Debris explains, “‘The term ‘the queen of proofs’ is an old colloquialism for a criminal confession. The lyric here tackles the unreliability of confession and eyewitness testimony, knowing what we know now about coercion, suggestion, and the fallibility of memory.. Director Abby Portner, best known for her live visuals for Panda Bear and John Cale, took these ideas and filtered them through a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic lens. As icing on the cake, UK MC Jammz nimbly and defiantly describes a typically browbeating police interrogation.”

09.13 - Los Angeles @ The Echo w/CRX

10.01 Ottawa, ON @ Club SAW *

10.02 Montreal, QC @ La Vitrola *

10.03 Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground *

10.04 Syracuse, NY - Lost Horizon *

0.05 - Queens, NY @ Knockdown Center - Thrasher “Death Match”

10.06 - Jersey City, NJ @ Monty Hall *

11.30 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Lodge Room

* with Ceremony