Closet Visit | Danielle Anabi

by Morgan Vickery

Danielle Anabi

Danielle Anabi

Danielle Anabi is the Los Angeles-based 22-year-old collecting luxury goods. From archival to current collections, Anabi has curated a wardrobe most people could only dream of. Chanel, Margiela, Westwood, LV, and Hermes are just a few labels that frequent the hangers of her closet. Danielle has developed a knack for archive hunting- sourcing the world’s rarest pieces. We caught up with the luxury aficionado to provide the first look of her ever-growing collection.


Is there a specific designer or garment that solidified your interest in fashion?

Not really anyone or anything in particular. I’ve just always enjoyed fashion and styling. It’s a form of communicating how you’re feeling and who you are, without saying a word. 


What are your top 3 favorite brands at the moment?

That’s like asking my mom to pick her favorite kid. Hmmm probably Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, and Prada.

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Streetwear and high fashion have intertwined over the past few years, what’s your take on that?

I think it was inevitable. To be honest, I think high fashion is boring without streetwear. I don’t like wearing Chanel shoes, with Chanel clothing, with a Chanel bag (unless each piece are from different eras maybe). Otherwise, it’s just too easy. 

That’s why the two go hand in hand in my opinion. In terms of my own style, I like to mix multiple seemingly opposing pieces and making them into one cohesive fit. I like outfits that appeal to different types of people. 

Name a few of your rarest pieces.


Murakami LV camo suitcase 

Vivienne Westwood portrait corset


Margiela quilted jacket


Raf Simons painted vest

What was your first designer purchase?

A little tiny Chanel clutch bag.  

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How do you hunt for archives? 

It depends what I’m looking for. I usually start online majority of the time. 1st Dibs is one of my favorites for vintage high fashion. Then Grailed for streetwear pieces like Undercover or Number (N)ine. There’s a few international sites that are my go-to for old Chanel, Prada, etc. Along with that, I’ll reach out to established archive collectors like @404archives. He’s made tracking down rare items an art form. 

What advice can you give to those archive hunting? 

Do your research. Beware of fakes. Always negotiate the prices and stay away from big purchases unless you see its potential to increase in value. Shop in terms of longevity. 

Also, try lurking on Instagram. You’ll find some really creative people who make custom 1/1 things for a decent price and are more unique than many of the things you’d see in big retail stores.  The pieces I own from @adamaneven are some of my most interesting/unique pieces in my closet, by far. Especially the backpack jacket. 

Your Instagram is a collection of “bad purchases,” as you say. What’s the worst purchase you’ve ever made?

It’s funny because I once referred to it as my favorite piece in my closet. But looking back, that denim Gucci fur jacket with all the patchwork... bad purchase. Just because of how short lived it was. 

What’s in your current wishlist?

Hmmm probably the Chanel skateboard and basketball that release this year. 

What can we expect from you in 2019?

More jrip related content. Hoping to start my own business this year.

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Photography by: Christian Smiley