by Taylor Giangregorio

Independent artist CLAY seeks to create music that inspires and comforts listeners with her soothing, awakening lyrics. Although she carries a playful persona, CLAY’s lyrics deliver important messages of inclusion, romance, and self-love. The San Francisco native gets real about the inspiration behind her lyrics, the changing ways of the music industry, and what messages she wants to leave with her audience. Her new single, “Sponge” just dropped and we couldn’t think of a better moment to get to know the young singer songwriter.

What inspired Orange, How did that translate into the video? 

Donald Trump originally sparked the idea for the song. Every time I saw something beautiful with an orange hue I thought of him, the powers that be, blocking out the positive sunny energy orange emits. I wrote the song in a more satirical way, with the message still poignant. I wanted the video to be playful and representative of that satire and sadness. 

What is your favorite part about being a singer songwriter? 

The ability to create something out of nothing. I think the power of music to connect people is unparalleled. I am so grateful to be able to express my creativity in a form that is such a unifying and transcendent medium.

How do you believe your music will play a roll in changing things up in the industry?
I seek to be as radically honest and truthful as possible. I hope my transparency in sharing my own journey and my own ups and downs as a human being will help others feel not as alone. 

Why do you think it is important for your music to create a safe space for others?

So many people don't have spaces where they can wholly be themselves. Where they are neither judged nor targeted for being other. Music has the ability the reach into the very core of people. I want to reach the people who are unseen and unheard and remind them of their importance, to use my platform to elevate voices and people that deserve resonance. 

How do you connect with your audience? 

Through honesty and truthful storytelling. Making sure to release content that is both curated and candid. 

Why music, what drew you to the place you are at now in life? 

I was singing before I was speaking. Music plays in my head and pulses through my veins. I love reading and writing and words and the playfulness of the creative process of making a song tangibly convey what I am going through, thinking of, inspired by. I love singing so deeply that when I'm alone the act often makes me cry. It is the way I express who I am, and the way I connect with the people and world around me. It is my gift and my offering

Photos courtesy of Davy Kesey

Makeup by Miranda Richards