Claudia Li | Resort 2020

by Morgan Vickery

New York City entrepreneur and artist, Claudia Li, champions creative design through craftsmanship and diversity with modern-day women in mind. Infamous for nostalgic designs, Claudia returns with a sentimental collection for Resort 2020. Signature staples reappear—double pleated skirts, oversized bows, and geometric patterns, with introductions of jacquard knits and tracksuits.

Muted tones of white and navy create the powerful monochromatic looks, while delicate spring hues of pink and purple display a more playful aura. While the garments range in wearability, the color story elevates each look for it’s intended wearer. The colors and prints reflect personal memories for Li; inspirations are reminiscent of childhood toys, and even homemade spaghetti, encompassing the subtle childlike nature in all of us.

Designing with intention, Li focuses on the women of her community— sophisticated, independent, and passionate. Luxurious silk blazers, chiffon skirts, and organza dresses are the most notable collection silhouettes with anti-wrinkle technical fabrics. Crafting transitional pieces, her dedication to customer-based design ramps up year by year.

As a multidimensional woman herself, Claudia continues to advocate for the future of fashion, have it be tech-induced textiles or the inclusion of industry diversity. Resort 2020 proves to be Li’s most advanced collection thus far, and we look forward to her progression in seasons to come.


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