Flaunt Premiere | Clara Mae "Rooftop"

by flaunt

Swedish singer/songwriter, Clara Mae, is the latest pop sensation on the rise. Via Big Beat Records [under the Atlantic Records umbrella], Clara drops her new single, Rooftop, accompanied by a vivacious, Andreas Öhman and Dani Miltenberger-directed music video. The new pop anthem is one of many to come, as the release of her debut EP, Sorry For Writing All The Songs About You, is set to climb the Billboard ladder on September 14th. 


In the small town of Gävle, Sweden, Clara Mae studied years of jazz vocals and piano before captivating the likes of David Guetta, Tiesto, and Martin Jensen, with whom she's co-written. Clara's fascination with music is sustained by her diversified interests in literature and film, centralized on themes of love. Mae's passions and unique musical background self-manifested the ultimate love pop guru. 

On the topic of love, Clara's conceptual EP, Sorry For Writing All The Songs About You, is a 6-track unfurl of stages within a relationship. Written with longtime collaborator and confidant, Cassandra Ströberg, the two paint imagery of an ill-fated romance:

"We planned out all of the stages of a relationship. First, you’re really happy and in love. Everything is so perfect. Then, you start to doubt it and wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. So, you breakup, but there’s regret as you don’t see why you ended things in the first place. Finally, you’re over it and can start again.” -Clara Mae

Sorry For Writing All The Songs About You is set to release September 14th. 

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Written by: Morgan Vickery