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by Flaunt Magazine

Jordan Wright, pianist and lead singer of indie-rock band City of Sound, came up with the idea for his group 7 years ago. Seeing that the world was turning into a more divided place, he was enthused by the idea that music could be the thing to bring people together again. After meeting his band-mates Andrew Leigh (guitar) and Lacey Anmar (violin), the band began to work towards this goal of collectivity. As with any creative venture, the first step was to create a demo to test the prospects. After sorting through Wright's dozens of previously written songs, the group got to recording, producing and finally releasing their first demos about a year and a half ago.  

Fast-forward to August 2018, City of Sound has gained a small but mighty fanbase and they are ready to release the first song of their debut album, Silent Empire. Although the album has a total of 13 songs, it will be released in 3 parts, each corresponding to a different color (red, blue and green). By releasing each portion separately, Wright hopes to build more momentum for their album. 

The first single they are releasing, entitled Odyssey. In Wright's words, the album revolves around a character called 'Empire' and "begins with a world destroyed, the idea being that that's where her journey truly begins, when she's left with nothing but herself." This destruction and chaos is what Odyssey will focus on, but as the album progresses, the aim is to build up a "sense of hope and epic-ness"... We can't wait to hear it! 

To learn more about the band and stay updated on their releases, visit their website here.

Instagram: @cityofsoundmusic

Courtesy of Jordan Wright

Courtesy of Jordan Wright

Written by Louisa Solarz