CITRUS One Year Anniversary

by BJ Panda Bear

Having a party that is a banger in LA is as rare as meeting a guy who hasn’t slept with half of your friend group. It’s just part of the fickle nature of LA’s game of washing the cool kids out for the next hot thing. Michelle Pabon aka SPICEY MILK has seen the crowds move from one spot to another, having read the crowd and controlling the doors at some of the hottest spots throughout LA, including the iconic Girl at the White Horse.

It is with her DJing that she has navigated the nightlife battle field first hand having played throughout the city at parties at The Ace to Tenants of the Trees. Though it is at The Friend Bar she found a home for her signature party CITRUS which is now on the eve of it’s 1 year anniversary. Time after time the party has been a fun go that is all about the music while also attracting a cool young crowd of true urbanites eager for new tastes and fresh style.

Below the DJ shares with us her Vol. 1 mix as we chat with her ahead of her 1 year anniversary party on June 2 at the Line Hotel.

Photographed by  jeremi

Photographed by jeremi

What is CITRUS, how did you get the name? it makes me wanna dance and have spiked lemonade?

CITRUS is a monthly party curated by myself, SPICEY MILK, based in LA.  The name is derived from the sounds that emerge from the decks - whether it be baile funk, reggaeton, dembow, tarraxo, afrobeat, electronic, latin, techno etc. - and where they usually come from - warm, sweaty, tropical towns and cities. The idea of juicy pulp makes me think of sweaty bodies grinding in a party. 

How did you grow the vibe and crowd?

I like to play what I play! My main focus was to book dj's that I would ideally want to play with as well, dj's I respect that play fresh sounds from around the world. That really set the tone for everything else. The rest was word of mouth.

Why do you think a party like Citrus is important for the summer season?

A party like Citrus is important year round! We need more quality culture, not just with music but with everything else too! I want to put people on - I want them to hear something new and refreshing - constantly. That's what excites me about music and club culture in general.

Can you tell us what you ultimately want to achieve through Citrus?

CITRUS is really a reflection of my ongoing musical explorations and my vision to bring these unexplored sounds to LA and beyond.  Ultimately I just want people to lose themselves and dance. 

What is the ultimate Citrus based cocktail we should fuck with for the summer?

Plump juicy grapefruit with some smokey mezcal and a super fresh lime wedge - preferably El Silencio Mezcal!