by Flaunt Magazine

For a Cancer the thought of luxury and well being is totally aligned with their awesome habits of overindulgence. This paradoxical existence is why they can be the life of the party as well as fall deepest into a mediative state at any sound bath.  For them juicing is not only a daily ritual, it's also a great cocktail chaser. After they got into the whole lot of tequila last night they have to detox before they get to retox. In this weeks edition of the gift guide we are here to help you figure out your Cancer buddy.


Baxter of California: Your Cancerian boy may come off as living the grand life while still a little "rough" around the edges, but don't let it fool you! All that patina comes with a price. That broken in leather jacket he just got is limited edition and dry clean only and so should his grooming products. Baxter bridges those lines offering top of the line products that will sit well next to his antique soap dispenser they got in some boutique in Paris.

VitaJuwel: After a rough night out, your delightful cancer is probably with a squad of other social girls and boys. They all woke up hung over and didn't get out of the house until 2pm, the rationale being that the lighting will be better for selfies. Having a dehydrated panic attack over where to eat for brunch midway through a hike is murder. Thank goodness VitaJuwel's were invented. The crystals in the water will re-align their chakras 10 fold and hold them together before they gorge on the chicken fried anything. 

De La Beuh: After trying to hold the yogi version a prison squat while friends instagram you and your new mini bag, a long bath is a must! Cancers love to indulge, a CBD bath bomb will soothe and make any Cancer giddy for a few hours. They will even swear they are even getting a body high. (CBD doesn't have any psychoactive traits, chances are your Cancer is just already stoned)

Bite: Let us never forget how sometimes excruciating the aesthetic needs are of a Cancer. They not only like pretty things, they need objects of conversation and they are also always horny. These Bite toothpaste bites offer up everything a Cancer could ever wish for: hygiene, style, a quirky conversation starter, and a quick fix before getting into a make-out session with that eastern European model that walked the Balenciaga show... The one with a silent "j" in their name. 

John Kelly Chocolates: is there anything more simple and fabulous than chocolate. By now it's 10PM  after a long day of resting, brunching and bathing the sins away from the night before, it's time for for your Cancer to get ready to go out again. The champagne's already on ice, the bitches are OTW in their Ubers, and these chocolate candies with their salty accents are a perfect companion to get in trouble again. 

Photography by Jim Turner @JimJTurner  

Art Direction by  Aitor Saumell @AitorSaumell

Written by BJ Panda Bear @BJPandaBear