Art Opening | Time Lapse CAMA Gallery

by Kiana Fatemi

The CAMA Gallery of Iranian Art is giving LA the chance to experience Time Lapse, an upcoming exhibit featuring work from renowned Iranian cinematographers. Located at The Container Yard in Downtown LA, this exhibit opens November 2 and runs through November 14.  

Time Lapse features photography from Iranian artists who are world-renowned cinematographers. This photography exhibit features winners and nominees from the Cannes Film Festival, the San Sebastián International Film Festival, World Press Photo, and Cairo Film Festival. These award-winning Iranians are making up a group of diverse and unique voices, expressing their individual experiences through the medium of photography.  

As an exhibit, Time Lapse has a multifocal purpose. CAMA Gallery aims to celebrate the talent of Iranian artists and directors and their global influence, showcasing the works in multiple metropolitan cities. At the same time, the exhibit brings attention to the creativity of the artists themselves, providing a politically neutral platform for the artists to express their personal understanding of what it is to be Iranian in the minutia of daily life.