BTS | Linder FW19 Womenswear Collection

by Morgan Vickery

In The Highline Room at The Standard, Sam Linder debuted his FW19 Womenswear collection. Design methods extend as a continuation of last season with the marriage of non-contiguous spheres- workwear and evening wear. Hand-dyed treatments embellish tees and blazers; Cuban-link chains and pearl necklaces imprint shadows to decorate in subtly. Athletic details and seams juxtapose pearls, knits, and furs; composing effortless beauty. Backstage, we spoke with Linder’s head of Womenswear to discuss inspiration and secrets behind the collection.


Quilting, hand treated dying, pearls, and athleticism are key themes in this collection; What influenced these design aspects?

Eclecticism. And not just for the sake of it but because of the design team and our differentiated likes. In the beginning, we all throw it in there and see what comes out.; It blends in a way we couldn’t have foreseen.


What’s your favorite piece?

One of my favorite pieces in this collection is the bleached blazer. We folded the arms over and bleached it, so it's the imprint from the arm and the corduroy fabric. I love corduroy; I don’t know why… I just do!


What influenced your marriage of athleticism and ready to wear?

At this day and age, it seems like more and more people want to be comfortable and have a good fit. I’m trying to create garments that don’t feel like workout wear but retain all the benefits. We incorporate that feeling because it's not inconsistent to have something that's inspired by athleticism.


Tell us the secrets behind your hand-dyed garments.

We had an airbrush, we had a spray bottle of bleach, and we basically just laid stuff down, folded it up, and sprayed it. In regards to the trail and error of these treatments, I mean, the secret of this collection is that we repurposed old fabrics from past collections.

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Photography by: Aníbal