Boobie & Doobie

by Andrés Gudiño

Creator Tea Hacic and filmmaker Emma Westenberg make a psychedelic genre fuck film–mock vlog and stylish art house that come together in, Boobie & Doobie. The pilot jams dozens of iconic lines in just under ten minutes of absurdist humor. It's about a friendship made for two. The wannabe glamour scum of LA, Boobie and Doobie, are this generation’s hedonistic buddy duo that riff off a semi scripted treatment.  

The creators describe the characters as “the illegitimate children of ‘Jackass’ and ‘The Simple Life.’” Writer Tea Hacic acts along costar Zaina Miuccia that plays Doobie, who in one scene can’t pay for her Udon so she runs around the streets yelling at children to pay her $56 tab. Boobie and Doobie feel like the bad girls our moms wouldn’t let us keep as friends.

Photos by Emma Westenberg