BEVZA Spring/ Summer 2020

by Morgan Vickery

Ukrainian designer, Svitlana Bevza, expresses the value of her brand as an emotion; a feeling rather than an object worn. Her Spring/ Summer 2020 collection affirms just that, symbolizing the qualities of Aphrodite and Gaia— a motif of earth, fertility, and life. Initially inspired by the spikelet, a blade of grass illustrating fertility in Ukrainian wheat fields, this season is a dedicated return to the ‘purity’ of female nature.

The BEVZA signature identity of clean, and simple silhouettes reoccur in a minimalistic fashion. Silks and light-weight knits incorporate a weaved pattern in several looks, adding dimension and texture to an otherwise simplistic emphasis. Signature white dresses and square-shaped shoulders return encore adorned with corset-style detailing and handbags inspired by handheld fans. With timeless elegance, Svitlana continues to craft collections that embody emotive qualities.

Photography by: Mitchell Sams