B.A.S.E.C. Unveiled During Art Basel Miami

by Kyle Huewe

On Tuesday, December 4th, the Code Art Fair and Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) director Kristian W. Andersen unveiled “The Northwind Trilogy,” a three-party project curated by Neville Wakefield presenting Tavares Strachan’s art and fashion display B.A.S.E.C.

The first party took place on the rooftop of the Soho Beach House in Miami Beach amid the onslaught of art, fashion, and cultural events of Art Basel Miami.

B.A.S.E.C. incorporates space-age artistic expression, and is a collection of soon to be released bomber jackets designed by Tavares Strachan and made by his mother Ella Strachan and a team of women makers in the Bahamas. Just a day earlier, on December 3rd, Strachan successfully launched the much-anticipated satellite, named Enoch, from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, bringing to light the forgotten story of the first African-American astronaut, Robert H. Lawrence Jr..

While Strachan has a running show in Los Angeles at Regen Projects, B.A.S.E.C. will make its second and third appearances in January of 2019, completing the tri-part experience of “The Northwind Trilogy.” The second will take place at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris while the third showcases at CIFF.

Photography by: Hagop Kalaidjian/BFA.com