Performa Announces Barbara Kruger Commision for Art on Streets of NYC

by Flaunt Intern

Performa, the leading organization dedicated to live performance and its critical role in society, has announced its 17th edition of the Performa Biennial: Barbara Kruger. It runs from November 1 through Nov. 19.

Barbara Kruger is known for graphic style and powerful messages. Her work often includes slogans over black and white magazine images. Her work is largely influenced by her early career in graphic design. 

bar krug 3.jpg
babr krug 2.jpg
barb krug 1.jpg

Kruger will be featured on the streets of NYC, producing a series of performances, installations, and public art auctions that broadcast the messages: "power, desire, adoration, contempt, and capital," the press release reveals. The commission will take place throughout New York City and will have heavy themes of feminism, activism, and community. 

Written by Devin Hendricks